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Lets See How Much your Fundraisers Can Generate Numbers FMS Five Compound Giving Income Streams
Fundraiser Calculator Off the Top, Pay it Forward, Kick it Back, Renewal, Sponsors
Number of Participants to Sell Apps
Participant Sales Goal (Average sale is 10 Apps in 30 days or less)
App Sales Goal for This Fundraiser 120 Total App Sales Goal
Cost of Application $39.99 Yearly (Savings on App is average of $1600 a year)
Fundraiser Share of "Off the Top" Proceeds 50%
Guaranteed "Off The Top" Revenue within 30 days if Goal is reached $2,399 Guaranteed Rev. w/Goal Reached"Off The Top"
Pay it Forward - Donations ($ 100.00) Fundraiser Share is 100%
Pay it Forward - Donations ($ 5.00) Fundraiser Share is 100%
Estimated "Pay it Forward" Revenue within 30 days if Goal is reached $1,740 Est."Pay it Forward" Donations
Total "Off the Top" and "Pay it Forward" within 30 days $4,139 Est."Pay it Forward" Donations
Percentage of "Kick it Back" Coupon Donations
of Total Donors
50% is Our Estimate may be more or less
Average "Kick it Back Donation Per Month"
$2.00 is our estimate may be more or less
Total Estimated Monthly "Kick it Back" $120 Est. "Kick it Back" Monthly
Total Yearly "Kick it Back" $1,440 Est. "Kick it Back" Yearly
Total revenue before Renewal $4,859
Total Renewal Revenue on 12th month at 50% Renewal $1,200 Est. "Renewal" of App after 12 months
Total Estimated Amount Raised after 1 Year & before New Campaign $6,059
Business - Sponsorships 10% of total Participants × $50 per month × 12 $720
Estimated Grand Total For Fundraiser After 12 Months $6,779

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EAT 30% 50,000+
SHOP 28% 175,000+
PLAY 43% 40,000+
TRAVEL 23% 850,000+
TOTAL 32% 1 Million+

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  • FundMeSmart is the only Fundraising Platform with Five Ongoing Income Streams:
    • Fundraisers receive 100% of Pay it Forward™
    • Fundraisers receive 100% of Kick it Back™
    • Fundraisers receive 50% of the Off the Top™
    • FundMeSmart™ offers Supporter the opportunity to renew with 50% of those Proceeds going to Fundraiser. So you sell the Savings App once and We renew for life !
    • Merchant Sponsorship: Bring Businesses on the App and you get paid.

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FundMeSmart’s Compound Giving Platform allows Fundraisers to raise more funds “Off the Top” because Recognition Pays.

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Branding your Cause on Google and Apple Marketplace ensures a continuous connection to your supporter.

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Pay It Forward™

Our Supporters typically save $1600 per year on average. This enables them to be more generous. 100% of all Pay it Forward™ gifts go directly to fundraiser.

Why choose Us?

Gratitude Wall™

Recognition Pays! All donations of $50 or more are seen inside the app on the With Gratitude Wall™

Supporter Shopping Pays

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Redeemed Coupon

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Kick It Back™

Supporters can save and give in real time.

Lastly, this is what you will do when ready to redeem the coupon on site

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Using the side bar of the App, you can conveniently gift the App or refer the App to any number of people.

FundMeSmart Admin Dashboard
Admin Dashboard
  • Activity Administrator/Fundraiser Details
  • Participant Registration List
  • Administrator can notify all supporters with one click
  • Administrator can notify all Participant with one click
  • Shows App Sales Goal
  • Apps sold in Real Time
  • Total Sales
  • Total Extra Donations
  • Total Money Raised
  • Total Money Raised Going to Administrator
  • Export Participant List
  • Submit to be paid Tab
Participant Dashboard
  • Identifies Participant
  • Participant Code and Activity
  • Training Tools
    • Quick Start Guide to Fundraising Success
    • Learn About the App through Video
    • Sales Training Video
    • Print Leave Behind
    • Sales Tips
  • Sales Tools
    • Action Photo
    • Pre-Written Fundraiser specific letter
    • Send App, Share App
    • Notification to Supporters
    • Email Followups
  • Real Time Sales Section
    • Activity Goal, Personal Goal, Apps Sold, Apps Gifted, Extra Donations, Total Sales
    • Code, Participant Goal, Activity Administrator, Activity
    • Name of supporter, email, donations
    • Group totals, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Goals
FundMeSmart Participant Dashboard